Monday, May 23
Well, no. Not really! It’s more the truth about Amitie.

{The shop}

We never write on this blog. We want to but it’s always at the bottom of the very long to do list and it gets bumped. Bumped to the next day, next week (maybe even next year going by the last post… eeek!)

So why now? Why this post?
We keep hearing things on the quilty grapevine. Things we mostly laugh at amongst ourselves because they’re so silly. But, recently there’s been a few that have made me think that some of these rumours could be a little damaging to our little fabric store so I using this platform to set the record straight.

{Daisy Do - Pattern from Quilt Lovely by Jen Kingwell, templates available now}

Here are the three biggies answered straight from the horse’s mouth (neigh!)!

“I heard you’re closing?!”
Never been on the cards.
How this started I do not know. Maybe because the building we are housed in sold, which is the truth but the little rumour that followed is just gossip.
We will be moving again (sigh) and are currently looking for a new, amazing premise which has space for all the wonderful things we have planned. So, yeah… We are FAR from closing!

“I heard you weren’t getting any new fabric!”
NEGATIVE! We have so much fabric we can hardly fit it all. It’s piled up on every flat surface, and (like always) it’s GORGEOUS!! We are also making a really big effort to load all new fabrics onto our website!! (

“I heard Jenny and Lucy had a falling out.”
A. BIG. FAT. NEGATIVE. We are on good terms. Great terms! and, we always have been.
This one cuts a little deep. It feels personal and it could not be further from the truth.
There was never an argument, or an issue. I wanted to try something new, and I did which lead me to studying and in turn, lead me back here. My mum greeted me with open arms because that’s what family does and the rest is very drama-free history!

So, there is it.
3 big NEGATIVES on 3 big rumours. Makes you realise, you shouldn’t believe everything you hear.

Thanks for reading!
I will try and post on here more.... promise!!




dlw0656 said...
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Susan Snooks said...

Rumours are the pits.....Vicious and SO harmful! Glad to hear all the good news!

Wendy @ Wendysquiltsandmore said...

I love your shop and will track you down wherever you are. Amitie has become a "must visit" on any trip to Melbourne. Love from Wellington, New Zealand.

leanne said...

uurrrgh !! honestly - it annoys me that you have to post just to stop rumours !! look forward to visiting IRL one day and maybe at your new premises :)

Lucy | Charm About You said...

I think the rumours just been you're famous and the little green eyed monsters can't stand it ;) Keep on keeping on! Love all the amazing work you do ❤️ Xxx

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Well now having missed the rumours and read this, I am up to date (and back where I was, under my quilted oblivious rock!), so glad all is good x

mascanlon said...

The well I had not heard any of these rumors so I wasn't worried. Even from overseas your customer service is the best!

Angela said...

I've not heard/seen any of the rumours. Moving to Melbourne soon, looking forward to be able to visit regularly wherever you will be!😊