The Proverbial Quilt

Monday, August 14
Oh, am I excited!

I have been on a improv binge of late... I really love it! You kind of get to flip the bird to perfect points and all the other pressures we put on ourselves as quilters... there's a freedom involved which is exhilarating.

So, I have jumped at the chance to participate in one of Denyse Schmidt's workshops we have coming up... The Proverbial Quilt!

This pattern is ACE as you can come up with your own quilted message to keep you warm at night.

I have always loved quilted lettering and I am especially fascinated by Denyse's quilt because she gives two approaches - a more structured alphabet and also an improv approach. Yay!

Denyse often works in an Improv style so I see this as my opportunity to work with one of the masters!

So... what will mine look like?
What will mine say?!
My mind races with possibilities, so I took to the internet to try and find some inspiration!

I would just like to make it clear here - this is not my work so I have noted where I sourced these images from for anybody who wishes to pay these blogs a visit for further inspiration!    
These quilts, no matter the approach, just seem to work!
I love the yellow background for the Sunshine quilt however, the white background with beautiful pops of colour is also calling my name!

So, what will it say?!

I am leaning towards something about gratefulness. I really believe being grateful and focusing on what you have/what's going right IS the secret to happiness.

But, I don't want my message to be so obvious it smacks the reader in the face!

So, maybe something more cryptic?
Maybe a quote from a song?
... Or something personal from my journal?


Sooooooooo many exciting decisions to be made before Sunday the 3rd of September.

We have *very* limited places in this exclusive workshops with Denyse.
These workshops will be capped at 10 students, allowing everybody plenty of time with the woman herself.

 (I am also very excited to be rubbing shoulders with Ange from Gnome Angel, Erin from Quilt by Starlight and Nat from Cinderberry Stitches as they are are all attending... Hello, Rockstars!)

If you would like to secure your place in The Proverbial Quilt (or the Cog + Wheel workshop with Denyse - a more traditional quilt) you can purchase tickets HERE

Hope to see you there!

Happy Stitching!

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