QUILT MARKET - The Wrap Up - Part 1

Saturday, November 25

Thought I better let you all know how Market was for our crew. We did a a bit of sharing on our Instagram stories (seriously - we love Stories! Best way to show you some behind the scenes stuff which will be a big focus of ours in 2018) but here's a more formal approach!

There's been one major hold up on this post. I wanted to get this blog looking sexy...
And, I think I achieved it! 

A place we plan on using more often in 2018 to share news and ideas about our business and also the surrounding community.

Now, I know what you're all thinking? More blog posts.. we have heard it all before! But, we are serious. I think this blog is under-utilised. It's not just a place to share things about Amitie, but a more general creative hub where YES we will talk all things Amitie but lots of other stuff as well!
I, Lucy, will be the main contributor but I also hope to feature lots of new content from other guest contributors too. I hope you continue to come back and enjoy what you find!

So here we are.
Quilt Market Houston 2017 - the wrap up - PART 1!
Better late than never!

Quilt Market is a whirlwind - a seriously fun whirlwind!
It's a very long way to travel but it is definitely worth it!

When you're an exhibitor, you almost charge into Quilt Market (or maybe this is just us
?!). It feels like you crash into it and it's seemingly unexpected although you know it's coming! I understand that is a contradiction but I stand by it. You prep for months and you're counting the days and then like magic... all of a sudden it's here. You feel prepared, but also not!

AND IT'S EXCITING because this is IT! The pinnacle... where it all goes down.
It's where everybody gathers to share ideas and new products. It's a fabulous melting pot of talent - from designers, to bloggers, to book and magazine editors. 
Quilt Market is where it's at!
It's a pleasure and a joy to attend because you're submersed in all things QUILTING. 

Jen Kingwell Designs and Collective usually release all new products at Quilt Market and this year our booth was LIT (I actually have no idea what that means except all the young/cool kids seem to be using it!)

It looked beautiful - the most cohesive booth we have presented and it must be something in the waters because we don't plan this. We are four creative types just making what feels right! We don't think about it being "commercial" and the quilts working together omit the booth - we think about creating beautiful and unique pieces to inspire quilters of all demographics.

A massive highlight for me this Market was the release of my latest design, That Fairy Tale Quilt.
This quilt has been a long time coming and I am truly touched by the response it received at Quilt Market. It blew me away and also kept me quite preoccupied. I really didn't see myself on our booth a lot this Market but I struggled to get away due to 'fans' stopping by.
It blew my mind and was a total trip - I am incredibly grateful.

Another show stopper for us was Meadow by the talented Michelle McKillop.
Meadow got a lot of attention and hey, who can blame her! This quilt SINGS! I always say Michelle is a master of colour and this quilt is a stunning representation of that. It caught the eye of every passer by!

It features 24 different floral appliqué blocks! Imagine all the lovely projects you can make... for real!
It can be this lay out, or you could just sash the blocks. OR you could extend the backgrounds and stems and add some flower vases. Ooo... or even create a beautiful cushion with your favourite three.
So much possibility from one pattern...
She's a winner, Michelle. Congrats!

Louise brought her small project A-game with two classics from her previous label Three Dolls: Turtle Tower and Pincushion Party.
These captured the imagination of visitors to the booth and I swear if I had to say "15 different appliqué patterns and 4 sizes!" one more time, my head might have combust!

Louise's new patchwork offering is the impactful Vintage Vegas - a traditional style quilt which looks AMAZING presented on a bed ("Thank you, Captain Obvious" - I can hear it now but in a world of Art Quilts and Mini Quilts, I think it's worth pointing out: This quilt looks damn fine laying flat on a bed!)

Lou's use of colour in BOTH SIZES (Yes - 1 pattern, 2 quilt sizes!!) is amazing. They look vintage and well loved but I know that all the fabrics are relatively current.
A true talent, Lou!

With no surprise - the real queen of the booth was our Jen!
Her next collection of fabric for Moda, named Beach Rd, is a DOOZY. It's fresh and summery - with a colour palette that you just cannot help but drool over. It is seriously yummy.

Jen revisited some 'oldies but goodies' for her range quilts - State Fair and Chain of Fools got a revamp and really sing in Jen's cohesive but not overly matchy-matchy range.

With Beach Rd, Jen also selected colours for her own Aurifil designer box. 10 Small 50wt spools in colours hand selected by Jen to compliment the range. RRP $57 but Amitie has these

Jen also revealed 4 new Template Tempters:
Aireys, Bon Bon, Breamlea and Tilly! Amazing projects that create really cool secondary patterns as the blocks come together so we have included colouring charts to assist the maker placing the values!

We have just listed them all as available for pre-order.

NOW - before you all ask - Jen also released a sneak peak of her next Template of the month, Golden Days. Amitie's sign ups for this program will commence soon. Our program features all fabrics hand selected by the lady herself and the best way to hear about it is to join our mailing list (via our website).

I realised very quickly this Market that if it wasn't talk of quilts, it was chat about what's on after. And, let me tell you - that is really the fun part but to protect the drinking habits of quilters near and far... I won't be sharing many images from this part of the adventure.

However, I would like to take this time to say that the highlight of this Market for me was THE PEOPLE!

Many of them are captured in these images but not limited to because there are so many of you who really touched our heart this Market.
I haven't been to Market for quite some tome. Years! I knew the love that surrounded my folks was there but 'knowing it' and truly 'feeling it' are two very different sensations!

Real friendships have been forged - lasting bonds made.

And, between you and me, it's always comforting to know that the issues this patchwork store faces seem to be universal. Sharing stories with shop owners around the world, and realising we all experience very similar things is, although at times a little alarming, it is mostly really comforting!

You really reignited my love for this industry!

Part 2 of my wrap up will be up soon! I will be sharing images from the Quilt exhibition - one category in particular as I was incredibly moved by this exhibition.

Thanks for reading!
I hope you enjoyed this post about Market and love our new projects as much as I do!

Lucy C Kingwell


Chookyblue...... said...

absolutely thrilled to hear you will be blogging more.......blogland is still a wonderful place to be.......completely different to FB and IG.....pleased to hear you had a fab time in the USA.............can't wait to see more.........great booth too........

linda said...

Your point about how a quilt looks on a bed - This is an important consideration. If a quilt will be used as a throw on a couch it will offen be folded so a big geometric quilt may not look as interesting as smaller scrappy blocks. I like surprises and everytime I fold or drape it something different pops up. Can't wait to get started on a new amite quilt with the new fabric. I am so looking forward to your posts.