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Thursday, March 23

To all the Amitie Addicts,

The last 6 months have been full of questions. The main one being 'where are you moving to?" and we are excited to finally announce.

After much careful thought, discussion and searching for the perfect premise (oh boy! Was there some searching. Both soul searching and on!)… we have finally found it.

Amitie Textiles will be moving to Torquay, Victoria! 

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18 months ago Richard and I relocated to Torquay and to regain a better work life balance, it's time for Amitie to follow. 

This has been one of the most difficult decisions I have ever made but I know deep within, this is the right move for me and my business. 

The new store will be bigger and better than anybody can imagine! Our focus is to create a space different to others - a truly inspiring space, full of warmth and character. A magical place to get lost in, but also a place to find and explore your creative self ! 

We don't have a moving date just yet but once announced, we hope you will all continue to support us as you always have!

Stay tuned for more news about this exciting adventure!!


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Laila said...

Oh,what a beautifull place, it looks so great. If only I could be able to visit the store one day.
Wish you all the best. Hugs from Norway :-)

quiltmastercurl said...

Loved your place in Melbourne! Wish I lived closer to experience the new digs!
Good Luck from Wisconsin USA!

hailey said...

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Unknown said...

Looks a great place for me to have a holiday 'over East'!
I'll see you when you're settled in. Moving is always a challenge.

Today is your opening day! Congratulations!

Western Australia