Delilah - Lucy's Journey - Part 1

Friday, May 26
A fair while ago, when working through the Delilah patterns I thought "yeah... I might just make this".

After a quick brain storm with the Boss Lady/Mum, I decided why not! But it has to be different, we thought because we have no use for 2 quilts that look very similar. So, what could I do?
That's when my eyes landed on my always growing stash of Liberty.


March arrived and so did our stock of templates, and off I went...

The first section of fabrics for my Delilah - lots of 'low volume' prints and nothing too bright.
My, my, my Delilah.

You have brought me to a few firsts so I think some confessions need to me made.

1. I have never pieced a curve.

Nope...  No sir! Not one.
Curves have always scared me. I could never wrap my head around them but the Boss Lady...

She loves them!

I mean... she really LOVES them!

Delilah - Month 1 - Rising Sun Block 1
Or maybe she just loves cruel and unusual punishment like this block?!
Just an idea.

Delilah - Month 1 - Rising Sun Block 2
Curves conquered.
But wait, there's more (confessions and curves!)

2.  I don't* own an iron.

Ha. Yup!
I managed to get to a few days shy of 30 years old without owning an iron or really ironing anything, ever.

How? I just... don't... iron! Simple.

Delilah - Month 2 - Bells Beach Block 1
I take my crinkled work into the store and show it off like the well pressed and ironed blocks everybody else has. Then when my quilt top is finished, it get's a pretty quick and rough (and I mean rough) iron and a prayer, to whoever is listening, saying "hope this ends out okay"...

Because why? I just don't care for ironing!

Delilah - Month 2 - Bells Beach Block 2 (could use another iron, funnily enough!)
But all this changed. Yes! With the cruel and unusual curvey punishment and the idea that I might write a blog post or two about this journey,  I realised my scrunched up crinkled blocks just won't shine in the photography department (and I need all the help I can get there).

So I purchased an iron and I believe this is called being a grown up.

*Didn't. Photo evidence I do now and you cannot iron without Flatter!
Also... Verve 65 Platinum is too fancy a name for an iron.
3. "I worry there are too many florals".

These words have never left my mouth. Too many florals? No such thing.
Until now.

Fabric selection isn't something I usually find hard. I work through my quilts confidently putting fabrics together. I go by my gut, and don't question the outcome! I rarely project forward and worry about the final product because it all evens out in the wash (in my opinion).

AND, I don't think this only applies to me. I think this could apply to all quilters who give themselves the creative freedom to just do/be.

Just create, without question or self doubt... or fear.

Just create.

But, my Delilah journey hasn't started out like this because finding the right balance in colour and print amongst my Liberty of London stash is quite tricky at times.
I am constantly questioning the decisions and I have done the most unpicking in my sewing life.

So yes, it is challenging me!

And, I am welcoming the challenge. It feels good! I am learning slowly how important contrast can be in places, especially working within one 'design category'.
I believe it would be the same if working in only red, or only in lows.

It has made me realise my stash is too floral focused - a great lesson moving forward with Delilah, but also with my journey as a quilter.
Now I view geometics and 'blenders' in a much different light.

I just got my hands on Month 3 and I cannot wait to get started!

If you wish to shop our extensive range of Liberty, please click here
If you are interested in Delilah but missed out on the program - it will be released as a pattern for purchase towards the end of the year.

Thanks for reading and see you in a few months time for Part 2.




Susan Snooks said...

I have experience with curves but was most happy to see the straight lines of month three! Your Liberty quilt is going to be lovely - florals and all!

Sonia0z said...

I totally agree. Love love love my Liberty stash but the most useful ones are turning out to be the non floral ones which balance the florals. I also don't iron until I'm finished as an unpressed block is easier to 'fit' with the others. You can 'ease' an unpressed block, whereas a pressed bock is set at a particular size. Fortunately I'm attracted to bright strong designs so there is lots of contrast in my stash.

I subscribed to Delilah with the fabric included but have swapped some out with lots of Liberty, especially for the convex curves which are easier in Liberty. - I never do anything the same, just have to do my own thing.... loving Delilah.

Bridget said...

I loved your blog post! Hilarious. Write more of them! Also, I wish I got in in the program but for now I will love vicariously through you :)

Also, I need a new iron - do you like your fancy schmancy named iron?

Bridget said...

*live vicariously through you. Not love vicariously through you lol.

Unknown said...

Thanks for reading and your great comment Sonia 😊 We love when customers swap out fabrics for more loved ones from their Stash and very happy to hear you're loving Delilah.

Unknown said...

Thank you!

Unknown said...

Thanks Bridget. I plan to use the blog a lot more often and the iron is pretty good... but look, I'm no expert 😂

Stephanie in MI said...

Really enjoyed reading your post. Lots of true confessions I can relate to (except for the iron, lol). I am hoarding all my liberty right now. I'm a little scared to use it. This TOM is really pushing me to learn more, too. Have fun!