Amitie Update

Wednesday, December 6

We have some images from around store we thought you might like to see!

For those who haven't seen - the image above is part of our new space. Photos can't really capture the size, but this one does as an alright job! I get a bit gushy about it all, but I am seriously proud of this store. Jen's vision really came together and it feels unique. It definitely was a risky move, but those often pay off with hard work.
Seriously - we have no regrets. It's been an amazing adventure so far!

This is just the fabric side of things. We also have an amazing class space to the right of here.
A space that can sit 20... quite comfortably. We really thought size mattered in the "creating space" to allow us an in house experience when we invite teachers from around the world. A luxury we have really missed the last little while!

But this is also an big bonus in our smaller (more regular) workshops - you have space to spread out and let loose a little.

This photo helps capture the scale of things a little more, but I have to apologise for the image quality! It's a little lacking as it was a quick snap of a Sit & Sew group who booked the space for their own personal use. We welcome these bookings if anybody is interested!

The first person to break in our new class space was the delightful Janet Clare. She actually taught before we opened to the public and we were still in the transformation stage a little.

Janet is a quilt designer, fabric designer for Moda and also a wonderful textile artist.
Here are some images documenting the work from the people who attended the Drawing With Your Sewing Machine workshop.



This last image is of Janet taking a photo of Jen, who is taking a photo of Janet.
Makes me smile!

We also had the pleasure of hosting Denyse Schmidt.
Denise taught two workshops: Cog + Wheel and also The Proverbial Quilt (which I am meant to be making but I have been preoccupied elsewhere!)

Here are some images from the Cog + Wheel workshop, as well as Denyse's talk from the Saturday Night.



Our very own Jen taught here a while back, sharing her knowledge about hand piecing and fabric selection - two topics she knows a little bit about!
Seems silly to say, but it's always a pleasure having Jen in the store. She travels a lot to teach, and rarely does Amitie get on her class schedule.

We look forward to seeing more of her in 2018!


And a gorgeous photo of the ladies who joined Jo Dunsmuir from Frankie & Ray for a class on how to complete the lovely Box Top.
I am super impressed that all shirts were completed in class. Very industrious!

Another exciting event that happened in this new space.... Very recently, we had an AMAZING surprise.
Tula Pink walked through our shop's doors and you could almost hear the hearts flutter in our staff and customers! Tula and her gorgeous mum Kat spent the day with Jen shopping our shelves, and talking all things quilting (and life. There's a lot of love and warmth between these three!)

Seriously. Nice. ladies. That's all I can say!

Here's a photo of Jen, Tula and my sister Abby which you may have seen on Tula's IG feed and ours!
Tula fell in love with our selection of A Day In The Country fabrics. The perfect addition to her designs, she thought.
I am very sad I missed this visit, but luckily I got to catch up with Tula at Australian Quilt Market. For some reason, I didn't think to take a photo with her as evidence, making me the worst social media person/blogger EVER!
All I can say is, I remember it very fondly and that's all that matters!


Well, that might just be image overload for now!

If you're looking at our class space thinking "GET ME IN THERE!", we have just started on our 2018 class schedule. Bridget, our class co-ordinator, has been working overtime to get the ball rolling for 2018 and it's already looking good.

Things are looking up in sunny Torquay! As we roll into the warm weather, the sun on the face feels good.  I seriously recommend visiting, if you can. I mean, I am super biased but I really think this store is worth a drive (or plane ride!). It's unique and true to Jen's eclectic style. It really feels like home!

Thanks for reading.
See you next time!



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