Introducing: Golden Days

Tuesday, December 19
Well, it's that time again.
I know you're all thinking "yeah, it's Christmas" but I am actually referring to another monumental date on the calendar...
Jen is releasing another block of the month program!

We are so excited to announce our next fantastic Template of the Month program...

Golden Days is exactly what you'd expect from Jen... a combination of blocks coming together to create a quilt unlike any other. This program is slightly different to Delilah as it's not just pieced. Golden Days includes a combination of piecing and appliqué!

I caught Jen a few days ago getting her completed blocks up on the design walls at the shop.
How Jen creates is really special - its instinctual. She has a general idea on the direction she is heading but it's always evolving and changing.  She follows her creative flow to the final destination, so it really is about the journey.

These design wall photos give an idea of Jen's direction. She has a locked down plan for this one and in moving full steam ahead!

The Golden Days colour palette is fresh and funky. I feel as though it is a reflection of our new surroundings and it reminds me of a fun day frolicking in the sun, down by the water.
It stays true to Jen's eclectic scrappy style which we all know and love!

Golden Days will run in a similar fashion to Delilah (which sold out within 24 hours!) - each month participants will receive fabric and templates to construct the monthly block.
The pieced blocks will come with acrylic templates which include seam allowance, meaning the blocks can be hand or machine pieced... depending on your preference!
The appliquéd blocks will come with Mylar templates!

There are two options for this program:
With fabric will include the monthly pattern, template set and fabrics
Template only will include monthly pattern and template set.


Golden Days is a 12 month program.

If receiving fabrics: they will be similar to which Jen has used (we have been ordering as many original fabrics as we can get our hands on), however this program will include replacement fabric. Replacement fabric selection is overseen by Jen. These fabrics are selected for their "likeness" in colour, print and/or movement.

Prices are as follows:

$50 per month for Australian and New Zealand customers.
$58 AUD for all other destinations.

$18 per month for Australian and New Zealand customers.
$25 AUD for all other destinations.

Program commences:
March 2018.
Participants will be e-mailed prior to commencement.

Sign ups close:
Feb 20th 2018 (or until program is full).
Once the form has been submitted - participants will receive a confirmation e-mail.

The sign up form can be accessed on our website HERE.
en has a ever-growing eager fan base and to keep it as fair as possible places are limited and it is 'first come, first served' in regards our programs.

Golden Days promises to be another fantastic program and we can wait to share it with you!



Lucy C Kingwell

P.s. Can we take a moment for that PINEAPPLE BLOCK?!?!?!?!

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Good Earth Quilting said...

I am waiting for this program to start with the first of my templates in my hot little hand. I've admired Jen Kingwell's quilts for quite awhile. Starting with Midnight over the Oasis. Really looking forward to it and sharing my progress on my blog, Good Earth Quilting.